Decarbonizing Global Energy Production

HeatX® Improves the Efficiency of Existing Energy Production Infrastructure to Balance the Worlds Growing Energy Needs with Climate Change.

HeatX is the bridge to a greener energy future. We decarbonize the $11 Trillion of existing global energy production infrastructure by supercharging energy efficiency.


HeatX is used by some of the largest energy companies around the globe. This type of surface treatment technology has been used with the following partners:

Case studies

Learn how HeatX improved power generation performance for multi-national energy companies and utilities.

Enhance your power plant performance with ThermAI prescriptive maintenance technology

ThermAI is a complementary artificial intelligence powered technology that works in combination with HeatX. The hybrid twin technology offers predictive, preventative, and prescriptive optimization to eliminate lost productivity and precent unnecessary downtime worth millions of dollars.

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Improved Efficiency

ThermAI has been demonstrated to increase power production efficiency by as much as 7%.

CO2 Savings (Tons/Day)

Approximately 10,000 tons of CO2/day is produced from a 500 MW coal power plant. ThermAI has been demonstrated to increase efficiency by up to 7%.

Learn how HeatX® technology can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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