POWER Magazine | Improving Power Plant Efficiency with Nanocomposite Surface Treatments

There is no doubt that the energy industry is moving toward decarbonization and renewable sources. But, despite the $2.7 trillion spent on renewables over the past decade, that future is still a long way off. And so, while investment continues to grow in renewables, we must also look at impactful ways that current energy generation can be improved.

Fossil fuel energy generation runs at approximately 40% efficiency, meaning most of the potential energy is lost to heat rather than converted to usable power. The sheer amount of lost potential and wasted fuel is almost unfathomable, and so preventing even a fraction of that loss means significant savings in both costs and emissions.

POWER Magazine published a story on HeatX and how nanocomposites can help to bridge the divide between what we can do today and what will be developed for the future. Read the full story here.